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Tax benefits when you rent a website

The cost of you website rental can be deductible. This is another great thing about renting a website.

Extract from Business Link (for UK):

"Renting or leasing assets can be tax efficient - this can reduce your overall tax bill, as the cost is deductible as a business expense. This is a factor in determining whether you should rent or lease an asset, rather than buy."

"The leasing company claims the capital allowances and passes the benefit on to the business customer, by way of reduced rental charges.
The business customer can generally deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income, as a trading expense."

Why a website rental service ?

After working for many years in the web industry (North America and Europe), I saw the same thing happening over and over again. Client struggling to pay for a professional website for thousands of $. Many of them were starting a new business and did not always have all the founds required for a website, the advertisement, the marketing...the whole lot.

So I decided to create a "rent a website" service, a more strategic and cost effective solution.

For many small businesses, this means having a professional website, and not one done by the cousin of the neighbors in his garage.
For small and medium businesses, renting a website also means that you can preserve your cash flow; and this is an important part.

Not spending thousands on your website, especially at the beginning of your business when you might not even have clients yet, can be a real saver. You can now invest more of your money in things that are usually overlooked, like marketing and advertisement. If nobody knows about you, it doesn't matter that you offer the best product in your domain...

We defined our prices on the web development market and divided that for a duration of 2 years. Which means that in the first 2 years of renting your website, you will be under budget compared to the option of buying a website. The idea behind this is that the web technologies are moving so fast that most businesses should redo their website every 2 to 3 years. Therefore, it only makes sense to rent a website.

Even when you own a website, you still need to pay for things like hosting, maintenance and support.

Still not convinced ? Have a look at our website at to see more on website rentals. : a new website rental service

NeoFront launches RentWebsite, a new service to rent a website

London, UK, June 29, 2009: Open source web designers NeoFront Ltd launched RentWebsite, a new website rental service for small and medium businesses. RentWebsite specialises in delivering websites with the content management system TYPO3.

TYPO3 is a free Open Source CMS for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules. TYPO3 has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times from which makes it one of the World's leading Enterprise Open Source products.

RentWebsite has partnered with TemplateMonster, the world's leading website template provider. This allows businesses to choose from over 10,000 designs for their website rental. "The quality of the designs and the ability to rent a website means that businesses can now have a professional looking website with an entreprise level content management system at a fraction of the price"
commented Yannick Morel, director of NeoFront.

RentWebsite is offering over 25 features and options to choose from when renting a website. Options vary from traditional modules such as news,
picture galleries, video player, contact form and forum to business related modules such as job postings and real estate management. "We did not want to offer all-in-one packages or ready made websites since most businesses have very different needs. By offering options 'a la carte' we were able to cut the price of the end product. Our clients only pay for what they need."

This innovative website rental service is offered with a setup cost and a monthly cost. "Each website is custom built depending on the customer's requirements, which is why there is a setup cost. However, we decided to offer this service without any contract. In these difficult times, businesses are in need to cut their cost with no extra risk involved. Deciding to rent a website is a more viable solution compared to leasing or buying."

The process of renting a website starts from choosing a design and selecting the features, to creating an account and paying through Paypal ( "We chose to offer an 'e-commerce' type of process to rent a website through our system. You can select the design and features of your website and know the cost straight away without giving any of your personal details. All our competitors ask to be contacted to obtain prices, which makes website hunting more time consuming and difficult. We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing."

Many startups or risky business ventures decide to rent a website for strategic reasons. Renting leaves more money in the budget for marketing and advertisement and the cost to rent a website can be deductible as a business expense. "Buying a website does not cover all the aspects of having an on-line presence. Hosting, maintenance and support are just the tip of iceberg. Choosing to rent a website is really becoming more and more appealing to small and medium companies."

RentWebsite is currently only offered in English but the ability to choose from 3 different currencies ($US, €EURO, £GBP) makes the service attractive to a global market.

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